Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Los Angeles: Part II Russel Saves the Day

Amber and I lay on her building's roof surrounded by LA picking out the tenacious points of stars that fought their ways through the citylight to our eyes and talked about what we believe in. I said I didn't know anything except that I believe in the Universe, and I believe that the Universe makes sense. It was one of those moments you know is important even as it's happening.

I remembered how she used to be Christian and how I used to be jealous. I remembered the first time I saw her in block class in 11th grade, her standing in front talking to Mr. Bardos because she was a new student. It was one of those moments when you first see someone you know will be important.

I loved hanging out with them in their Los Angeles. We went to a midnight comedy show and to bookstores and ate Mexican food. Amber and I got our nails done at the cheap Korean place with five-dollar-off coupons. Mine are shimmery lavender.

The night before I left, I lost my purse with my wallet, my id, my cell phone, and all my cards on Mulholland Drive. We drove back, looked, and called my phone for hours before deciding it was gone for good. I froze all my cards and sat there, saying shit, how the fuck am I going to get on the plane tomorrow? Amber and Travis, mensches that they are, grabbed my arm and said fuck it, it's your birthday in five days, we're buying you steak.

We went and I ate my first steak medium rare. I talked about some Leo. I was wondering aloud if there was any way I could get on the plane as a Jane Doe, thinking okay, maybe not back to Boston, maybe just stay here on the West Coast, because lord that lofty blue Pacific says my name in a way her brother never has. I'd given up hope of getting back today when Amber's phone rang and it was my dad. Some British tourist found my purse and called the number in my phone titled "Home." My dad called Russ, his BFF who lives in LA, and he drove to get my purse and met us at the restaurant with it.

Russ is like my uncle. I cannot tell you how much I love this man. After my meat Russ took us to this amazing cafe whose name escapes me and I had an ideal cappuccino with impeccable cloudy foam and an amazing berry whip cream cake and a fudgey frosty cookie. Food has never been this good. I still couldn't believe that my purse came back to me and brought me this moment. I want to write something and call it "Russel Saves the Day."

Today a final In-N-Out and goodbye to Amber and I was back on the plane to home, where I met a Leo named Lisa with whom I made instant friends. Lisa lives in Harvard Square, is a dancer, speaks Russian, and has tiny hands and pretty brown eyes. We watched the in-flight movie and found out we were on the same flight going out to LA too. We both agreed the week seemed like four, and that it was going to be weird to be back home. We decided it was kismet that we should be friends. She and her two best friends are going to come to my birthday party.

I came home to Mallory, corn, mint chocolate chip, a birthday card from Grandma, and a handwritten letter from a Leo from my past I never expected to hear from again. I opened it and inside was a gorgeous color picture she drew me which sits on my fridge door, and a note. She has fairy tattoos and freckles. She says I made her dance. I can't help it.

God these Lions. Is there even a lesson to learn? Does Virgin flesh like sacrifice attract the tongues of man-eaters? I must ask my Virgos about their experiences.

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Lisa Reade said...

UGH jade you're replacing me already. I see how it is! I don't talk to you for a week and you find pretty russian dancers :(
I miss Boston so much, I don't even know where to begin. I think maybe it was all the hanging out with people who were older than me this summer, and coming back to a college campus suddenly feels so small and cramped, and like I don't belong. I want to come visit soon! If there are any cool readings or events going on, will you let me know? I'd like to try to get up there before I lose my mind in this place.