Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The good thing about the Cantab is it makes me want to write.

The bad thing about the Cantab is when people like Brian Ellis read, I think how mediocre I am, and how I can never even hope to approach these people, and who do I think I am and what am I doing with my life, and if I'm just an okay writer what's the point of my breathing the air that could go to a rabbit who's at least reproducing.

I think the time is coming when I need to be unemployed for a while. I can feel it scraping the door like the black wish you should never have made.

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Lisa Reade said...

Ugh, try being in a university where every professor is a fucking genius and all your peers are constantly outdoing you. I feel so lame for wanting to write at least 28384 times a day.
But, you are an excellent writer. Your blog entries almost always make me laugh, and the nice thing about writing is that you keep surprising yourself from time to time.