Monday, August 20, 2007

Why does my life work like this? Today I showed up to the Washington Street Starbucks where I was covering a shift so the employees could all go on a picnic. I'm there for twenty minutes and who shows up but Creepy Evan. He's waiting over with the employees. Apparently he knows one of them and is going on the picnic. Fabulous.

He sits there for what seems like forever, but is probably only a half hour. He's just sitting in the cafe, by himself against the wall staring at me. Just staring. It's just me and a shift, Rich, who doesn't work at that store either on the floor at this point, and he's gone into the back. I'm ringing and helping the customers and I can't get away from his eyes. Finally, I look straight at him and say loudly, "Will you please stop staring at me?" He does not. I repeat myself. He still does not but comes up and gets in line. I'm raging, seething, livid. I help the two customers in front of him and by the time he's up, Rich has come out from the back. I turn to him and ask him please to help the next customer, I'll explain later, so he does and I disappear into the back room for a minute. When I come out, Evan's gone.

On top of it, I'm sick. Like really sick. On top of that I got a 25 dollar parking ticket while I was there, so for the 5 hour shift I'll only make a total of about twenty bucks.

I'm still sick. I was going to go to stone soup tonight, Lizard Lounge last night, but I feel like total shit. I can't even sleep I feel so terrible and achy. I wish I hadn't gone to work today. When am I going to start to trust my bad feelings?


Chad Parenteau said...

Hope you feel better. I'll be contacting you later this week to let you know about the submissions. Today's the last day if you want to send any last minute things.

Lisa Reade said...

Holycrap....I'm sorry Jade.