Saturday, August 11, 2007

The weather here is fantastic. Thank god it's not so hot I can't breathe anymore.

My sleep schedule has been so bizarre lately. Four hours in the afternoons and two hours in the wee hours of the morn. At least I'm still going. And I'm writing fiction!

Planning on pawning my jewelry. Anyone know of any pawn shops in Boston?

Today my friend Andy said I was the only "woman" our age he knew. "Meaning what?" I of course asked. "Meaning you're not a girl and not a lady. You're just like, mature and independent and unique, but have your shit together in your own way."

So I thought, goddammit, I do have my shit put pretty much together. It's different from a lot of people my age, but I know what I want and I do it and go for it and I'm good to people and what more can you do in life?

By the way, come to my feature at Stone Soup on Monday night at 8pm at the Out of the Blue art gallery in Central Square. :)

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