Thursday, August 16, 2007

No one likes to hear they're being worried about. It hurts because I'm thinking of course that I'm doing all right for myself, all things considered. I wonder if it's the sadness or what. I'm a spazzy-assed motherfucker, we know this, have seen it. What's different now?

Had a few days off from work and it will be strange to go back at 6am tomorrow. I'm courting the owner of the Cantab for a part time there as a waitress. May as well move to Cambridge.

My allergies have gotten noticeably awfuller in the past three days. I hear it's that time of year where your eyes want to jump out of your skull and run red and seeping down the road. I'm trying to reel them in, since I figure I've got a lot of beautiful things to see coming up.

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mr. said...

Being worried about doesn't mean you aren't doing better, that you aren't fine. It just means someone cares about you.