Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long days. I can't believe just Monday was my show.

Yesterday after work I ignored writing and the tickle in my throat for a while for an Office marathon with my friend Andy. After five episodes we decided it was too nice an evening to spend it inside watching TV, so it was a trip to the liquor store, followed by PBR tallboys and whiskey on the porch listening to jazz. Reminiscences of seasons past barely crossed my mind, and sunsets are better than a lot of things.

Andy is a happy person. Andy has Jesus.

Mallory came over after work and we headed downtown to Aili's going-away party. In the morning I worked a shift at another store. The weather again was perfect. I was home for 15 minutes when Brendan called me saying the new girl didn't show for her closing shift. I ate lunch and went in, working in the end twelve hours at Starbucks on a day I wasn't scheduled to work at all.

Unfortunately now I'm sick. I hope it's viral and not an infection, though I was hacking up some pretty nasty shit this morning. Time will tell.

In my drunken state last night I wanted above all else, a cheeseburger. Today I ate turkey bacon and chicken. I think my veg days may be coming to an end.

No writing the past couple of days. Nice to have a break though.

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