Sunday, August 19, 2007

After talking online for an hour last night about the glories of sausage I decided to give the meat eating thing a shot. Tonight after work I went to whole foods and bought some bourbon chicken wings.

"I'm glad you're in such a good mood," the kid behind the counter said. "It's been a long day."

"For me too, but I'm just starting to eat meat again," I told him. "I'm just so excited to see all my options."

"Oh, well, congratulations. In that case, do you want a free sample of this roast beef? It's really awesome."

"Um, of course?"

The kid cut me this great piece of roast beef (the end piece! the end piece!) and I ate it with my hands as the people behind the counter smiled and cheered me on. "Welcome back," one woman said.

Every cell in my body cried out in glee as I swallowed and digested tonight. I have only a bit of a tummy ache now, but it will pass.

Soon I will have my first cheeseburger. I think I'm going to go to Bartley's.

It's the small things in life, you know. You have to know when to treat yourself, someone said once. You have to decide at different times what to care about and what you're caring for. Sometimes you have to be good to you.

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Lisa Reade said...

ohnoooo!!! you gave in to the dark side! now i'll never get you back :(
ah well, enjoy your food, you heathen carnivore ;)