Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This creepy kid named Evan keeps following me around at poetry readings and trying to talk to me after I've already told him he makes me uncomfortable and not to contact me anymore. It sucks, because he's at pretty much every reading I frequent. I don't think he has a job, and things about him make me physically uncomfortable. From the way he talks, I think he may actually be certifiably insane. He was apparently speaking to my friend Lisa last night about some sort of Rapture he believes in, and not even the normal crazy Christian one either. Some sort of Pagan happy people/sad people-suffocation-music-of-the-stars thing she couldn't follow. I can't stop going to readings, but I shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable and feel like I have to sneak out and run away to make sure this guy isn't following me. I shouldn't have to keep asking him to leave me alone. As the female cop I talked to about it said, "Ah, the joys of womanhood." But hey, I figure, I have a stalker, I guess that means things are going well artistically. At least my life isn't boring, and at least he's not emailing me anymore.

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