Friday, July 27, 2007

At the Bluebird last night we saw Murder By Death and they played the song on my Myspace profile. They rocked the house in their hometown.

I've done a lot and seen a lot of important people this past week. It couldn't have gone much better. Now the question: Is my head on straight? Well, I'm calmer. I think I can go back and work my shit out, take care of what needs to be taken care of, and bloody write more for crissakes.

List of people I've happily been able to spend time with:

1. Mom and Dad
2. Hillary and her Roommate
3. Liz
4. Brooks, my sylvan spiritual guide
5. My brother, John, and his wife, Val
6. Orestis and his wife, Clayton
7. Grandma
8. Lacey and her husband, Ryan

Not to mention all the people I ran into last night at the show. I saw my old friend Catya who is proving to be one of those people you run into over and over again at the times when you least expect it. Maybe that means she's in my karass.

I've eaten so much since being here and hardly walked. I feel bloated but the winding streets of Boston will take care of that. I love Indiana, but I'm happy to go back. I miss my Mass friends.a

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Elizabeth said...

I saw the lead singer and the cellist of Murder by Death at the Simpson's movie was like watching the movie with celebrities, even though I appeared to be the only one who knew them
hope the flight back was smooth