Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sweeping and dusting, I'm cleaning out my (my!) apartment and putting all my old letters in a black lacquer box.

With the distance this past week, finally being away from him, I am seeing things in brighter colors. I'm finding my own path again. I'm an individual.

God, exhaustion is hitting me hard right now. I have so much to write about, but no energy. Before I left I was so stressed out -- I can't remember being in such a state -- and I was sleeping about two hours a night. Then for the five days in Indiana, I was getting about four to five, but that was in the good way of drinking and talking and celebrating and having to get up early to eat an egg breakfast with clusters of family and old friends. Now it's 12:45 am and I'm waiting for my sheets to dry. I knew this would happen, that I would be nodding off waiting for my sheets, but there's just something about fresh, clean sheets that says to me "new beginnings."

Yes, that's what I need, and it's coming and it's about time.

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