Sunday, April 1, 2007

On the Internets

It's difficult I know for anyone to budget their time. I try to write every day, but sometimes it doesn't happen.

The danger of these blogs for me is when I write a long entry, a part of my mind says, "Okay, I've written something clever today, let's go get drunk."

I was talking to a friend the other night about how much time people our age spend on the internet. It's a social network, a business tool, and a vast, open library. I know I check my email more times than I want to count during the day, but almost everyone I talk to does the same. I feel better about it knowing other people I respect do it too, and I figure, we're the first generation who has grown up with this as a part of our lives, so we can't go comparing how we spend our time to how artists or whoever of the past spent theirs. I don't watch TV, and I've decided as long as I'm still getting things done, I can forgive myself for instant messenger and stalking people on the Myspace.

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